The AmbuPod is a 3-in-1 fully equipped Mini-Ambulance (BLS/ALS) + Mobile Clinic (that can run daily OPD and clinical services) + Telemedicine Centre that can provide any village with affordable, quality based, daily healthcare, along with 24/7 ambulance services. The AmbuPod contains state of the art medical life saving devices, is a BLS ambulance that carries one patient and one medical staff and can be upgraded to an ALS ambulance.

The AmbuPod is a green (solar powered) vehicle that has been engineered to traverse through congested areas (traffic jams), narrow lanes, road-less villages, hilly regions, etc. It is equipped with cutting edge, mobility based telemedicine software which has the capability to collect and share the clinical details of a patient with a remote medical resource including ECG, O2 saturation and lung function status.

The AmbuPod can carry one lying patient with a medical attendant and another person, with full resuscitative support including oxygen, suction, Ambu bag, IV fluids, drugs, and many other essential equipment (including optionally, a defibrillator). It is eco friendly, solar powered, low cost, low maintenance, and with the electric engine has ZERO fuel consumption! It runs a maximum of 80KMs per charge. We, optionally, provide a solar farm charging system that uses sunlight to charge a swappable set of batteries. With this system the AmbuPod becomes 100% green!

Once stationed in each village, there is no need to wait for an ambulance from a distant hospital. Any patient could immediately be transported to a hospital within the golden hour. In cities, thanks to the Ambupod’s carefully designed structure, it can manoeuvre through narrow gaps in heavy traffic and even run on the sidewalk, to transport a patient safely. In addition, the AmbuPod would lower the capital and operational costs of patient transport to a hospital by as much as 80% in some cases. For more details write to us at

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