EinsCare designs, develops, markets, sells and supports innovative healthcare solutions for the emerging class of technologies. If you are ready to work in a start-up mode, we will be happy to discuss and take it forward.

Experience a world of opportunities at EinsCare

Fresh Graduate, experienced or a seasoned professional? Wherever you are, we need dynamic people who get excited by tough questions and unresolved problems. If you’re ready to make an impact, we want to hear from you. We make all attempts to hire people who are talented, intellectually curious and driven to make a difference. People who come to work here are empowered to contribute from their very first day. We nurture people who share our passion to make a difference every day, who use critical thinking to bring purpose, insight and clarity and who believe that what they do matters. If you wish to work in a high-performance organization with people who help navigate complexity for dynamic organizations, EinsCare is the place for you.To apply write to us at

Work Culture at EinsCare

We understand that employees spend a substantial amount of time at the office, and we strive to make their time here well spent. Engagements at EinsCare go beyond office hours, balancing both work and play. We provide an environment where people feel connected and appreciated. It’s about enjoying where you work, knowing you can grow there and being proud to identify with it. We believe there is more to life than work and that a balanced lifestyle is the key to success.

Learning and Development

Being with us, every day is learning and we constantly coach and mentor our employees to enhance their capabilities. We give our employees a number of opportunities to accelerate their growth. Our goal is to provide world class learning that inspires each person to bring out their true potential, hone their skills and ensure professional and personal development.

Campus Recruitment and Internship Program

We are always looking for intelligent graduates/post graduates/MBA students to join our team. We partner with schools and universities in establishing relationships and fostering talent to meet our current and future hiring needs. We’re more interested in how you think. We’re likely to ask you questions that provide insight into how you solve problems. Demonstrate how you would address the problem presented-don’t get hung up on nailing the correct answer. Through our Internship Program we provide students the opportunity to experience the corporate environment, gain hands-on experience, learn new technology and work on meaningful projects that they will present to the company upon completion. The Projects can be individual or group projects depending upon the company needs. The projects also vary in difficulty based on the skill level. Successful completion improves the chances of getting hired by us. To apply write to us at

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