Smart Health Card

Smart Health Card

Our Healthcare Smart card-provides e-prescription, e-referral, e-discharge for the universal health coverage in India designed to comply with the National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) 2019 and has Ayushman Bharat capability. Some of the features include: Enabling Continuum of Care; Citizen (patient) to be in Control; Comprehensive and interoperable digital architecture; Integrated digital services; and Enables Federated National Health Information Architecture. Provides 100% Electronic Health Record interoperability / accessibility via CCR (Continuity of Care Record – universal default language legally accepted in 193 countries). Our system is written in native CCR, and can “talk” to any legally authorized system in all the countries except North Korea. This solution is currently working in 2 facilities and is adaptable universally. In any of the 193 countries using CCR, any physician, nurse, or Emergency, Medical Technician can read our Card – with role-based access. As an example, physicians won’t be able to read financial data, but persons who are not healthcare professionals won’t be able to read medical data. Our solution is easily customizable as per the hospital needs and preferences.

* Our card contains comprehensive audit trails, with cradle to grave complete medical records availability – with access controls.

* Patient Safety – Provides alerts regarding potential health issues due to conditions. Allergies, drug to drug interactions, Contraindication control, incorrect dosages. Generates alerts regarding potential health issues due to conditions. Stops fraud and incorrect dosages.

* Complete medical records – Cradle to grave medical records availability.

* Prevents the problems with privacy that have embarrassed many hospitals.

* Relieves the patient of carrying medical records and lab reports, when he travels or each time, he visits the hospital (All details are stored in the card).

* Removes repetition of filling out forms in each hospital, department. Improves 30% Physician throughput and reduces 25% administrative costs.

* Our product is designed for ease of Use for Patients and Healthcare Professionals – No item is more than two clicks away. It provides assured breech control, and the records remain private.

* Patient Retention and Track medicine dispensation by the hospital pharmacy.

* Our product works well with existing IT landscape and adds additional features. Customizable as per the hospital needs. This is brought to you in collaboration with our partner Kearney in the US. For more details write to us at

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